Certified Fitness coach and nutritionist Irv “Zeus” Hyppolite brings his own experience with Food shopping and money management Into his self published,  comprehensive and easy-to-follow road map called “ Iight, So Boom...Nutrition” Zeus is using a step-by-step approach to take you through the Grocery aisle into the kitchen all through some practical applications that makes shopping healthy super easy.This 101 guide breaks down some key points :- The “Must Have” fruits, carbs, vegetables, and poultry when grocery shopping.- how to save hundreds a month on grocery shopping while getting all the things you need to have a balanced nutrition plan.- Tips on how to effectively portion size your food.- An easy to follow breakdown chart of the foods you want to have more of to the foods you’ll even want to have less of! - It also features a unique and easy-to-use template that makes tracking your food quick and simple.

The House of Zeus Food Shopping List

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