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Looking to stay fit or lose weight without breaking the bank? Well, we have the right exercise tool for you! 


These double-sided sliders provide you with the necessary stability and support allowing you to add a variety of exercises and routine movements that target specific body muscles in your daily workout routine! Use them to strengthen, challenge, tighten and tone your core, glutes, abs, arms, back, or abdomen and improve body balance for a fit and flexible you.  

With regular use, you'll improve:


  • Body Balance and Mobility
  • Be More Flexible and Focused 
  • Build Muscle Strength and Burn Calories 
  • Feel More Confident


The slide disc's comfortable dual-sided design lets you perform slider exercises on carpets, hardwood and tile floors.


A perfect tool for Mountain Climbers, Yoga Stretching, Weightlifting, CrossFit and Much More!

As an added bonus, Every pair comes with a QR Tag to a members-only YouTube Channel of Workouts!


Workout any time, any place!

DCSR Workout Sliders

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